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Sticky Maple Beef Biltong

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Crafted to perfection and made by hand, our selection of Biltong varieties boasts only the finest cuts of Silverside, all 100% British and Irish Beef. With a meticulous touch of vinegar, spices, and flavors, our Biltong embodies the perfect partnership that adds an extra touch of excellence.

Is high in Protein low in Fat and low in Carb so making it a perfect healthy snack.

With generations of Farming blood in our veins back British Farmers is a must for us so we make sure each and every bag is as good as the first.

Distinctive notes of Canadian Maple syrup and mesquite smoke provides this Biltong’s sweet and rich flavours. Indulge in a flavorful experience that combines the tantalizing tastes of Canadian maple syrup and mesquite smoke. Each bite of Sticky Maple Beef Biltong is a sophisticated balance of sweet and smoky, sure to satisfy any discerning palate.

Oh did you know an award winning Biltong Flavour as well.

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