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Subscription Biltong Box 5 x 35g Packs

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Why not sign up to our stunning totally flexible subscription service? No catches no minimum commitment no direct debits or standing orders you truly are in full control. 

How does it work? Simple really we drop you a simple re order form every month/week pay if you want to order again don't pay if you don't need it. Just Select how many and how often you would like and you will simple receive an email asking if you need a top up if you don't dont't pay if you simply click the link and pay its that easy.

Most subscription services require you to sign up to a Direct Debit or Standing Order and ask for a anything form 10 days - 30days cancelation notice, we don't you truly are in full control.


This Biltong Box comes either weekly or monthly with five different packs from our delicious range of over 20 different products and flavours, this allows you to enjoy different taste sensation each time. Every time will be a surprise making sure you get something different from the previous month. With stunning Flavours ranging from Smokey Chipotle, Sticky Maple and Sweet Chilli and Lime we truly are the "Unoriginal" Biltong Company.

We have thought of everything we simply send you an invoice every week/month via email you click and pay and we will then ship your order. If you want to stop for a month or two its as easy as just don't complete the invoice so you really are in total control.

And you can collect "Biltong Bucks" on all your orders means its even better value every time your subscription arrives.

All our Biltong is hand crafted to perfection using only 100% British beef each and ever pack contains over 50% protein and we offer possibly the widest range of products and flavours you can find anywhere.

A lot of subscription services make you pay on a Direct Debit or similar in the hope you will forget about it or not have time to cancel, we don't do this we remind you before every order and its up to you to decide if you require your Biltong fix this week/month. 


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