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The old fashined way of making Biltong

The old fashined way of making Biltong

If you are a follower on our Facebook page you may of noticed that we had some pictures sent in from one of Biltong Fans and they are stunning.

It shows the Grandfather of one of our Customers creating Biltong in the truly old fashioned way. What you can see is Buffalo Biltong been made and we believe the animal was shot by the gentleman in the photo and from that he crated this truly visual masterpiece, just lots and lots of freshly prepared Biltong hanging in the open air the real SA way of making Biltong back in the day. Biltong back in the day was made at home by many a South African by similar principles on a washing line or we have been told just hanging in a tree. Our family that live out in SA believe it or not still have a hut at there home where they can make Biltong with racks purposed built for the job, not sure we would get away with that here in the UK but sure works a treat where you have the right environmental conditions.

Hand Crfated Biltong/Weston Biltong Company/handmade Beef Biltong UK

We have taken all this knowledge and understanding of the process and created our unique purpose drying facility based here in the heart of Cheshire, not a washing line, campsite or Hut in sight just a fully approved bespoke factify that allows us to combine our generations of Farming Knowledge (Hundreds of years) to allows us to select the perfect meat allows us create a truly original Biltong experience that some say is the finest they have tasted.

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