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Best Beef Biltong in the UK......

We see a lot of claims about making the best Biltong in the UK, the finest you have tasted outside of South Africa and that's super cool with us here at The Weston Biltong Company, if you love Biltong and everything about it and you have found what we prefer to call "Your Favourite" as appose to the best that's made by someone else excellent your part of the Biltong Club in our eyes!


So why don't we make the best Biltong in the UK, its simple really like with most things in life its down to personal preference and we embrace that, take beer for example I love Castle Lite its for me my Favourite beer in the whole world, well of all the beers I have tried so far that is but I believe it be my favourite at this moment in time. Someone may want to buy me what they think is a finer Beer that's cool I will try it and see what I think I may find a new favourite tipple. Who doesn't drive that extra mile to that one Chip shop that does them special chips you know the ones the ones that only that Chippy can do. Is it all starting to make sense now?

Beef Biltong/Weston Biltong Company/Bulit on British Beef

So we have a massive fan base that really does believe what we do is just perfect for them our special blend of spices and herbs our unique flavours and yes some call it the best Beef Biltong you can find and yes its there favourite. We have generations of Farming Knowledge in our blood well over 6 generations at the latest count that's hundreds of years of knowledge passed down over generations how many other Biltong producers can make that claim not many we think, that's what makes us so passionate about Backing British Farmers and really appreciate that all our Biltong is built on British Beef and nothing else. Add to that the generation of Butchery knowledge that our meat supplier has we truly have possibly the widest knowledge of the meat industry you can find that's what makes us different.  Combine that with years of travelling backwards and forwards to South Africa the home of Biltong visiting different Biltong producers seeing how its done out there the home land of Biltong. Are you getting the picture now we are truly different we are a family run business based in Cheshire and proud of what we do, what we have a achieved and what is to come next, at the same time we constantly believe we can improve in what we do and always willing to learn and expand our knowledge of the industry.

Biltong in the UK/Weston Biltong Company/Built on British beef

So if you believe we are the best that's perfect but as long as your a love of the fine food that is Biltong your in great company.


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