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Biltong Subscriptions are here!

Biltong Subscriptions are here!

Something that you have all been asking for a really easy way to make sure you get your hands on your Biltong as often as you can, a Biltong Subscription service and its up and running right now!

Its so easy to use just pick the Biltong Box/Protein Pack your after choose if you want it weekly or Monthly and off you go we will do the rest.

Biltong Subscription/The Weston Biltong Company/ Beef Biltong UK

How it works.

Your first order will be paid for as normal and dispatched as soon after that when its ready (normally no more than 2 days) then the following week/month you will get a simple email with a link attached to it follow the link pay and its all done again we will do the rest.

We currently have 6 options available at the moment so have a look and see which one you need to choose.

It makes the perfect present as you can set the order up and pay for however many months you want to it really is that simple, its the Biltong Gift that keeps on giving !

We looked at quite a few option available and felt that this process of emailing you when it time to reorder again give you full control of your regular order. Simply put if you don't need a refill don't pay if you do need a refill follow the link and order again you add and or remove items at this point so as we say your in full control. No difficult ways to cancel like some other subscription services, no hidden minimum orders or how often you pick what you want when you want them

The best bit is you can also collect your Biltong Bucks this way as well so no losing out on them either!

Biltong Bucks/Weston Biltong Company/Beef Biltong UK

So get on it ASAP and ensure that you get your Biltong Fix every week/Month.



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