Start Collecting your Biltong Bucks on every order!

We have been looking at ways to allow us to reward our regular customers that order online. We already have a long standing way of rewarding our customers at our regular Markets with our Loyalty card scheme which is a massive hit with a lot of you so we have introduced a stunning way to allow us to reward you guys that cant get to us at an event.

After a very lengthy meeting to discuss what to call the scheme we decided on a what we think is a real winner and called it "Biltong Bucks" and its possibly the most simple and easy way to collect "Biltong Bucks" you can find.

You can collect them by just simply registering on the scheme, liking us on social media site, recommending us to your friends and even on your birthday.

The simplest way to gain points is to order your Biltong Fix and you will be given 3 points for ever £1 you spend (We reserve the right to change this at anytime without notice)

Register for Biltong Bucks 50 Points

Every £1 Spent 3 Biltong Bucks

T and C's apply to Biltong Bucks

Once you have collected enough points you will offered a increased discount level on most of our range.

From time to time we may need to make changes to the options on the scheme and we reserve the right to do so at anytime without notice.

We reserve the right to cancel any members point if we feel the scheme has been abused in anyway.

The Scheme can be stopped at anytime without notice.

(The maximum discount allowed on anyone order is restricted to £50.00 . Any order placed with a higher level of discount will refused and a refund applied)


T and C's apply to Biltong Bucks.