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Biltong is coming Home

So its the weekend of all weekends and you see Mr Biltong on his way to his birth place that of Sunny Yorkshire and more so Skipton.

Yorkshire Dales Biltong/Food Festival Biltong/From our Farmers/Near me

Been born and raised on a Family Farm based on the Yorkshire/Lancashire Boarders means that we have over 7 generations of farming knowledge in our Blood, it may be more but it is as far back as my farther can trace at the moment. What does this mean well with all this know how in how farming in the UK works it means we have access to the very finest meats that can be found that been British Beef we understand what makes great Biltong its Great Meat and that can only be found here in the UK. We understand the whole process of creating the finest Beef, the diet that is required, the housing of the animals and most importantly the welfare of each and every animal. All this rolled together means we create some of the finest (We never say best that's a very wild claim to make CLICK HERE to see what we have to say about claims to be the best) Biltong, Droewors and Chilli Bites that can be found anywhere. 

Biltong/Weston Original Biltong/Websters Original/


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