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What is a Chilli Bites?

First of all we better explain what a Chilli bite is. A Chilli bite is a very small thin piece of Biltong that has been crafted in such a way it contains a certain level of Chilli heat, its very dry a lot dryer than your normal Biltong as more of the moisture has been removed.

The pieces of meat have been dried in the very same way as your Biltong but due the fact its so much thinner and smaller than the pieces of Biltong it dry's far far quicker giving a whole new Biltong experience. When we say its dryer than regular Biltong we don't mean its like Jerky not in anyway at all its Biltong but not as you probably know it. 

What we have done with our range of Chilli Bites is to create a whole range of heat sensations from the Super Mild Chilli Bites  , then we take a step up to Habanero Chilli Bites if you are looking for a little more heat we have the well known Scotch Bonnet Chilli Bites and if your looking for the ultimate heat we have the stunning Reaper Chilli Bites all are created by us by hand in our purpose built facility in the heart of Sunny Cheshire.

Combine all this with us creating a stunning association with one the UK's best know Chilli Heads Mr Daddy Cool's himself this really does mean we are creating and combining the finest, Farming, South African and Chilli Knowledge in the UK. 

If you fancy something a little fun why not try of unique Russian Roulette Chilli Bite pack this is a stunning party game, stag do or Hen do pack to really get the party started its packed with all 4 levels of our Chilli Bites, some long strips some short strips some hot some mild you will never know which one you are getting remember its not for the faint hearted in anyway

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