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Chilli Bites, Stokkies or Snap Sticks you decide?

The other day I was asked the question what is a Chilli bite? This was asked by a new customer of our that we met at an event over the weekend, they had eaten loads of Biltong over the years but never seen or heard of a Chilli bite.

So the simple question is what is a Chilli Bite? Well it its also known under a few other names that's can be a Stokkie or a Snap Stick. What a Chilli Bite is really very simple indeed its a very thin strip of Biltong that has had just the right amount of Chilli Added to give it that extra little kick or in the some cases a real massive kick its up to you really. They are dried in the very same way as Biltong by that we mean low temperatures and the slower the better really but with them been so very thin they do dry a lot quicker that what Biltong and Droewors do. They are very tough and very chewy thin strips in texture but really are so moreish you keep coming back for more.

What we have done once again is take a Chilli bite/Stokkie/Snap Stick to the very next level by adding different levels of heat to them, we have the base model which is our Jalapeno version a very low indeed but packed with flavour, then its    our Habanero version a mild Chilli for the faint hearted, we then ramp it up just a little to a Scotch Bonnet Version we are getting a little warm now and then its the Carolina Reaper Version that's the words hottest Chilli, we do try our best to keep the Chilli Heat in all our versions to a level that is bearable but everyone is different when it comes these things so please make sure you are getting the right level.

To add to our collection we now have a triple Chilli Version which is now our famous Black Dragon Version a beautiful mix of Habanero, Scotch Bonnet and Reaper Chilli's its sits just under the Reaper version in Heat but no other Chilli Bite/Stokkie or Snap Stick has this beautiful combo of heat .

And as always we team up with the stunning skills our great friends at Daddy Cool 's Chilli sauces for all our chilli products, so if your after a cracking slection of the hot stuff when it comes to sauces and rubs you need to over to see the team at Daddy Cool's Chilli Sauces.

They once again are the perfect treat to go with a beer in the Sunshine or in my case sat watching MOTD on a Saturday night after a day at a Festival normally.

So where do you get your hands on some of these award winning Chillibites/Snapstick or even Stokkies easy really just click here for our collection.


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