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We call them Droewors you call them Beersticks.

Seems like you guy s are loving not just our tripplre award winning Biltong but also the great taste of our Droewors as well. 


What is a Droewors you ask well its very simple really a Droewors also known as a Dry-Wors or a Beer stick is in effect a dried sausage made normally of Beef, however many different versions of this can be found but we find that our customers just love the full on Beef flavour they find in our bland of meat herbs and spices. We then add various flavours to the meat to create some of the most stunning Droewors you can find from Chilli to Garlic and good old Original.

Its made very much in the same way as our Biltong by that what we mean is its the same beef but we leave some of the fat on (Gives it its beautiful flavour and texture) the meat is then coarsely ground up before adding a unique blend of spices and herbs. It is then added to our Sausage machine to have it cased in skins it s then hung and dried in the very same room and conditions as our Biltong, it tends to dry at very much the same speed as Biltong but what you get is something totally different to Biltong but as South African as what Biltong is, so what you waiting for get your hands on a stunning deal for Droewors right now as we have created a cracking deal to match our Biltong Offer of 1kg at £29.99 so if your after your Droewors Fix as well as your Biltong Fix click here now.


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