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Fatty Biltong Big On Flavour !

Are you a lover of the Original Traditional Biltong Flavour but you are needing some of the fat left on to give that extra special truly authentic South African flavour? 

Well you guessed it we do that as well and you can also get it on a no commitment subscription service as well. We know that everyone's favourite Biltong style is different that's why we offer the range of fat levels as well.  Just take your pick when ordering form us.

Avalaible in a range of pack sizes and with better deals for bulk you cant go wrong! See our latest 1kg offer here.

And what makes it even better its all made by us for us, this allows us to make sure each and every batch is as good as the last, we really wouldn't trust anyone else to make our unique mix of flavours.

Click below to get right to the fatty stuff !


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