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Health Benefits of Biltong.

Biltong is one of the best sin free snacks that you can find, its naturally high in protein 50.3% on our last lab test, very low sugar and Carbs and is made using only the finest cuts of beef. However did you know that biltong is; 

  1. Biltong is very low in Carbs is by far a healthier snack to grab than a pack of crisps or chocolate.
  2. The main reason for this is that Biltong is very rich in natural protein and takes 220% wet meat to craft the perfect batch.
  3. Its massive protein content makes its ideal for any post-work out snack.
  4. Its truly easy to store so it can wait in your gym bag until your ready for your protein fix. Ideal for hiking or trekking long journeys as it slight weight and wont spoil due to the drying and spicing process. 
  5. The main ingredients in Biltong are Beef, Salt, Coriander pepper and Vinegar so not packed with sugar or MSG (Well our isn't)
  6. Biltong is low in fat, which makes it a popular weight-reducing diet choice.
  7. It is naturally gluten-free.
  8. It’s the ideal if you are looking for a banting snack..
  9. Its high in naturally occurring Vit B12 which is essential for healthy blood aas we as cell replication
  10. All our Biltong is made using 100% British Beef with the highest welfare standards in the world it make perfect sense. 
  11. We offer the biggest selection of Biltong flavours you can find anywhere


You can cook with biltong too. Biltong goes beautifully with fresh fruit flavours such as avocado or mango. You can add it to salads for a raw option or drop it into scrambled eggs, a baked bread or tart with cheese or fig for added flavour and a skinny protein boost.

Biltong/Biltong in the UK/Big On Flavour

You can also cook with biltong adding it to Pizza, Pasta add to a sandwich its just perfect. Add a pack to any salad and you will instantly give it a natural protein kick. Our Original Biltong added to scrambled egg is a stunning creation and an all round protein boost to any day.


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