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Biltong in the UK/Britains Best Biltong/Weston Biltong Company

Biltong Made without Compromise.

Biltong Made Without Compromise.

What do we mean when we say "Biltong without Compromise?". Well its truly very simple indeed, we use only 100% British Beef in all our products, having the highest welfare standards in the world reared by the finest farmers in world we accept no substitute when it comes to our meat selection. Add to that our generations of farming history to our blood we have first hand experience in animal rearing and welfare.

All our meat is sourced locally with it coming from less than 5 miles from our operation, now that's low food miles. We create and craft all our own Biltong in our purpose built facility in the heart of Cheshire and the whole process is done by us by hand. We have develop our drying technique to suit the British Climate as we have far more variations in temperature and humidity that is commonly found in SA. The right technique was needed to found and we have now an operation that allows full temperate and humidity control over each and every batch not in small dryers but in a "Unit" specially designed to operate at the most effective climatic conditions to produce "Biltong without Compromise" and with it been based at our home we are on hand 24/7 to monitor the whole production process.

Did you know that not all Biltong companies make there own Biltong. We could do this to make life easy for us but how do you keep a full hands on experience from start to finish of "Your" product if you are not making it?

We have been crafting Biltong for nearly 20 years now and have learnt a lot on the way so our experience in the UK using British Meat to make Biltong is unrivalled we believe.

Having a family history also in South Africa we have taken the time to explore the process of making Biltong by the real Biltong experts and this knowledge has been used to perfect our process and product.

We are now using 100% Renewable energy in our production process just another first from us here at the Weston Biltong Company.
As we say #NotAllBiltongIsBlackAndWhite

Biltong in the UK/Britains best Biltong/Big on Flavour Biltong

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