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Where does you Meat for your Biltong Come from?

Where does you Meat for your Biltong Come from?

Well with years of farming blood in our veins the answer to the simple question "Where does you meat for your Biltong Come from?"  is an easy one for us, its all British or Irish Beef no if or buts we know exactly where our Beef has come from. We use only one supplier for all our Beef we turn in to Biltong and he's only 5 miles from our customer built drying facility. We continue to use him as he know just what we are looking for in quality cut and fat content its a win win for us both really. 

Biltong/Beef Biltong/Big on Flavour/Droewors

This means a few things really, yes we know that British farmers have the worlds best welfare standards and it reared mainly from grass and hay or Silage that's a great start really. Add to that the low carbon footprint that our meat has by reducing the amount of Food Miles, why would we want to import meat from somewhere as far as Brazil, Namibia, Argentina or the US we really cant answer that one. By supporting British Famers you know you are getting the very best quality you can find combine that with a SA twist and you have what we call the finest Biltong you can find.



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