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Well thank you 2019 its been a blast!

So its a brand new year here and after last year we have been left wondering how we can top what was our busiest year to date and it got us thinking what can we do to make sure we continue with our current success.

Well we have already started the year with the introduction of a brand new flavour to our range and this time its "Harissa Flavour Biltong" this is a truly stunning blend of herbs and spices that gives this one a real flavour of North Africa its really is a perfect mix that takes once again Biltong flavour to a whole new level! If you wanting to get your hands on some click here. Add this to the widest range of Biltong flavours you can find anywhere and you must agree we have something just a little bit different to the rest.

Having plans to further expand our range, flavours and production its already looking to be a massive year already for us and yes we are looking forward to every bit of it.

You will soon see a new list of events that we will be attending over the next 12mths we will be returning to some old favourites and looking at some new ones as well so keep an eye out for where you can find us this year.

Award winning Biltong/Big on Flavour/Built on beef

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