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Weston Biltong the High Protein Snack with flavour

Weston Biltong Is the High-Protein Snack you have been looking for.

Biltong isn't really anything new its been made and consumed in South Africa for generations however over the past few years its really beginning to gain traction as the go to snack for fitness freaks, athletes or anyone that's just looking for the perfect high protein natural snack to help with any work out or matched with a perfect beer its up to you really

So where does it come from?

People often believe that Biltong is only made from Beef well this isn't true in any way the first Biltong we believe was made from native animals in the South African region mainly been Springbok and Kodu both readily available in the outback of SA so made the perfect Biltong. Now a days Beef is more traditionally  used on areas like UK due to the massive availability and quality created by British Farmers. The idea was to preserve the meat on long trek's in the out back way before the time of Cool Boxes or the like. 


The traditionally South African way of making Biltong is very simple really if you have the right conditions. You slice the meat in to large steaks using mainly Silverside cuts cover the meat in coriander salt and spices pepper with a dash of vinegar hang to dry and a few days later ta-da you have beautiful Biltong all ready to go. In SA Biltong can be found hanging in Garages drying in the open air in boxes keep outside this is due to the perfect humidity and temperatures found there here in the UK its a little different as you can imagine.


The main ingredients used are coriander and salt to create the very raw and tradition flavours that is found widely across Africa, what we have done here at The Weston Biltong Company is to create possible the widest selection of flavours of Biltong you can find  anywhere. From Salt and Vinegar to Smokey Chip add to them Peri Peri and Lemon Peppa we really do have something incredibly special going on here.

Biltong Drying room at Weston Biltong/Big on Flavour

Why just eat it straight from the pack? Biltong can be used in so many ways add it to a Pizza, add a bag to a pasta dish on a cheese board its truly spectacularly the uses are truly endless. 

Why Eat Biltong?

Biltong is a great source of essential amino acids which one of the many thing required for rapid recovery after any exercise, lose weight and help to absorb other nutrients more effectively. Its also high in iron, Vitamin B12 and Zinc which are all associated with boosting the immune system and increasing energy.

However Biltong is more well know for it' massive protein content our most recent lab tests show our Biltong contently rocks in at over 50% Protein (Lab tested not Googled) and its all natural as you can imagine as the meat is dried its size is reduced so all the natural proteins found in the meat are condensed in to what will be or has become Biltong. And with a sugar content of only 1.4% its truly the perfect low sugar snack you need with you.

So if your looking for the perfect Biltong fix made using only 100% British Beef we have the answer CLICK HERE to see our current range.

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