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New Biltong Website Live!

New Biltong Website Live!

So you may of noticed a slight change on our Website, yes we took the plunge and got a man in to fix it ! The last website we had was one that we set up when we first started out on this Biltong journey that we are on and it worked a point. When we started to see increased sales and activity on our site it couldn’t cope very well and at times was very as the kids say laggy and it was. So we looked for some recommendations and we found cracking guy called Lewis Adcock  who has at a very great rate pulled together this cracking new web site and we are over the moon ! We still need to add a few images of our stunning Biltong, Droewors (Beersticks) and now very Famous Chilli Bites but we are nearly there, it’s so much smother and easier to use we can’t believe how the old site managed with all the traffic we were seeing.

So keep coming back to see what new flavours of Biltong we have and what cracking deals we have on offer as this is the best place to see what’s happening in our little Biltong Business !


All the very best Sheryl (AKA Mrs Biltong/The Boss) Ryan (Not the Boss) JK (The Beast) and Nib Nib (A 10 year old Alan Sugar)

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