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Supportting British Farmers

Why do we support British Framers?

There’s nothing more British than beef. In fact, the French have even adopted the idea in their cheeky insult for us; on the continent we’re sometimes referred to as ‘Les rosbifs’ (the roast beefs).

For millions of people who love home-reared meat, it’s not so much an insult, more a huge compliment. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a world-class product? British beef is produced to the highest possible standards and there are strict rules regarding hygiene, animal welfare and traceability. Every newborn calf is ear-tagged, twice, with a unique identification code and its herd number.

The cattle passport system records the animal’s mother, date and place of birth as well as its tag details, which are fed in to a national database. Unlike in many overseas countries, GM feed and growth-promoting hormones are banned in the UK, while antibiotics can only be given to cattle with approval and direction from a vet.

Yum Biltong

Even the final stage of the process is carried out under rigid regulations; vets and hygiene officers have to attend all abattoirs and the slightest breach of welfare rules or sign of contamination during slaughter means work is stopped until the problem is corrected.

The Biltong Company British Beef

Sorry to say this cant be said for all meat imported to the UK and that's why we are proud to be using British Beef in our Biltong, Droewors and Chilli Bites.

Combined with the fact we have generations of Farming History in our blood it makes for a really great reason to using only meat of this quality.

If you want to know more about Backing Britain's farmers click here the NFU has a great site giving you lots of facts about why British is best


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