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11 Different things to do with Biltong.

We are always asked what can we do with Biltong well its another very simple answer really "What ever you like". Its just like another dried meat you can get the list of uses are truly enedless however here are some of our favorites.

1- Biltong Scrambled egg add some to your morning Scrambled Egg its the ultimate protein breakfast and the best bit is its all natural, but please make sure its British Free Range Eggs your using. We recommend a pack of Peri Peri Bitlong for this one.



2- Naked Biltong, an easy one just eat out of the pack its really got to be the number one way of enjoying this truly mouth watering snack. Got to be a simple Original Flavour for this one we think

3- Baked Potatoes why not take your standard easy meal to the very next level keep the cheese we say and add some biltong. Every bite of your baked potato will melt in your mouth and with the added cheese twisted with the biltong spices you have a true classic taken to the very next level of hummmm

4- Biltong Quiche Why not simply replace or even in our mind combine Biltong with your Quiche again the flavour will just explode in your mouth as it combines with the bacon cheese and egg beautiful. We reckon that a pack of Smokey Chipotle flavour is a winner with this one

5- Biltong Sandwich possible the easiest one there is simple add to you favourite buttie you can even add sauces if you like. Just take your pick of any flavour for this one! 

Biltonmg Sandwich/What can i do with Biltong/How can i cook with Biltong

6- Biltong Salad. We stand corrected this is the easiest one of all take a simple salad and add the ultimate protein kick to it simple sprinkle on top its that easy to make a salad super protein rich.

7- Biltong Pizza, and why not again simple add your Biltong to your Pizza Topping and BOOM its another stunning protein fix with truly minimum fuss. Got to be our stunning Garlic Flavour Biltong to make this delicious. 

8- Biltong Soup, yes that's right just add to your soup to give it real boost you need works really well with Mushroom soup in our minds go on try it you might just like it.

Biltong Soup/What can i do with Biltong/The Biltong Man

9- Biltong Risotto this cracking combination of flavours will have you going back for more that's for sure.

10- Biltong Bread if you make your own bread this is something really quite special to say the least just add a pack to your dough before baking and heh presto Biltong in ever bite what more could you wish for?

11- Biltong Cheese Cake we haven't tried this one but sounds great to us. Sounds like a great combination of sweet and savoury for the more adventures among us.

 So there you have 11 great ideas on how to use your Biltong, like we say 



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