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What are Droewors?

What is Droewors (Dry-Wors) aka Beerstick? In its simplest terms its dried thin sausage crafted and dried very much in the same way as Biltong. The process to make them is different as you use minced meats rather than full steaks however the drying process is very much the same.


Its very much like a smaller thinner version of a Boerewors sausage again South African style of thick sausage found widely across Southern Africa, the spice mix is very similar with the only real difference been that of the thickness of the sausage itself.

First you mince your meat in our case all beef coarsely you then add our secret blend of spices and mix and mix and then mix some more. Some people like to mince the meat repeatedly to ensure a proper mix has been made and the spices are evenly and completely mixed. Once the meat has been totally mixed you then add the meat to thin sausage skins, once all the meat has been added you now leave them in the fridge to soak up all the spices for 24hrs.


After this hen you hang them in the same way you would Biltong you use the same temperate and humidity conditions you find in South Africa and after a few days the meat will dry to form a beautiful Droewors.  

We craft as you would expect a variety of flavours for you to try and always use only 100% British Beef in everything that we do. CLICK HERE

Droewors/Mr Biltong/Big On Flavour/Not Smallys

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