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Whats our best flavour? BBQ, Rosemary and Garlic or somthing else...

Whats our best flavour? BBQ, Rosemary and Garlic or somthing else...

We always get calls and emails asking which of our flavours is the best? And to be honest we don't know...… we have so many different flavours its always hard to decide.

From sweet Sticky Maple versions that's a Great Taste award winner, to the more unusually Sweet Chilli and Lime versions we really do have it all covered. We don't just do one standard Chilli version we have 6 at the moment from good old Chilli to the our now famous Black Dragon a triple mix of Chilli's that's to die for. 

However what we can say is that when we first started out we wanted to offer the widest variety of flavours that could be found anywhere and we wanted to keep it as fresh and unique as possible and we like to think that this is something we have manged to achieve for over four years now.

So a quick run down of some of our more classic versions that are always a hit.

1- BBQ

A simple yet tried and tested version of an old classic, yes its has been tried many times before but we decided many years ago make it a more as we say classic version with hits of smoke, sweetness and packed with flavour so again making this old classic a real hit.

BBq Biltong/Weston Biltonmg/Biltong Flavours

2- Rosemary and Garlic Biltong

Again one of our older versions but always a hit with a little Garlic and twist of Rosemary its one not to missed.Garlic and Rosemary Biltong/Big On Flavour/Cornish Coast to Dundee/Droeeowrs

3-Salt and Pepper

Quite a new comer to our collection but still a classic its does what it says on the tin, we added just enough extra Salt and a hint of Pepper that makes its just perfection in every bite.

Salt and Pepper Biltong/Best Biltong in the UK/Weston Biltong


Our if you cant decide which stunning flavour to go for have a look at our Selection Boxes a great treat that lets you taste a massive amount of flavours in one box.

Biltong Selection Boxes/Gift Ideas/Christmas Gift Box/Biltong

Want to know about what you can do with your Biltong ten have a quick look at Biltong Recipes in our Blog section

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