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Where to Buy Biltong?

We have a really simple answer to that question and its right here.

Yes we produce possibly the widest range of Biltong flavours that you can find but we also produce the more traditional versions of what are more commonly found in the beautiful South Africa. Our Original version has proved to be a real hit with our loyal SA customers with some of them declaring it "the finest Biltong outside of SA" and who are we to argue with that.

As we produce all our own Biltong it really does give some major Advantages included allowing us to offer you different levels of fat content in your Biltong, we know all to well that each and everyone of you has a different idea of what is the ideally fat level so we made it very simple and give you the option of the fat level when you buy from our 1/2kg, 1kg and 2kg box sets.

So you can choose from

1 - Lean Biltong, this will be the leanest Biltong that we have it will contain a small level of fat but overall it will be very lean indeed.

2- Some fat, this will give you what you might expect, visible levels of fat in the Biltong not to much but again not to little. This is our favourite but we aren't saying its the right way to enjoy your Biltong its just our preferences that's all.

3- Fatty, if your a fatty Biltong lover this is just right for you. It will contain very visible pieces of fat and have a very soft texture to it. Lots of people on Keto diets etc love this level of fat.

All of which are very high Protein (Over 50% Lab tested not guessed) and made using only 100% British and Irish Beef its possibly the webs finest range of Biltong you can find.

But as we say its up to you how you want to eat your Biltong so go a head and choose your favourite level of Fat and when you have done that you can then choose your favourite flavour of Biltong as well.

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