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Why do people call us the Original Unorginal Biltong Company?

Why do we get called the "Original Unoriginal" Biltong Company? Its something that we have got used too over the last few years of doing what we do.

When we first started the Weston Biltong Company we made a firm commitment to make sure what we did was a little different to what was out there and after a lot of market research and investigation we decided to start to offer a wide range of flavours just to give Biltong a little twist.

Garlic and Rosemary Biltong/Big On Flavour Biltong/Built with British Beef

It takes time and dedication to getting the flavour mix just right to make sure the flavour we are looking for is spot on. It can take many month's to get the perfect comdination of flavours to the desired result and yes somthimes even after many days and weeks or even months of research and development it just dosnt work, for whet ever reason its not right and those as you can guess we just put down to experience. However when you get it just right and tastes amazing and you keep going back for more its such a high its really does make all the time taken worth while.

We always have at least 3 flavours we are working on in the background to make sure our range is the freshest you can find. So you can rest assured that we will have something unique to add to our range on a regular basis.

Over the years we have come up with some truly stunning flavours that's why we are called "The Original Biltong Company" not just your regular Biltong by any means why not have a look at all our current range of flavours and see what's on offer at the moment.



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