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Biltong Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts.

Biltong ideas for that Biltong Loving Father in your Life.

This year we have really raised the bar when it comes to gift ideas for Fathers Day. With the introduction of our stunning Make it Yourself Biltong range. From our simple make it yourself Biltong kits to fully loaded dryers and now even Biltong slicers are also available. 

So here's the run down on this years Gift ideas for the Biltong Dad in your life.

1 - Home Biltong Dryer.

What better way to say thank you than a stunning Biltong Home Dryer Kit. This Bad Boy has been designed from the ground up by us. It performs as good as it looks plus comes loaded with everything he needs to make his very first batch. Its the perfect size for any Kitchen, its truly wipeable making it Hygienic and safe to use. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

2 - Biltong Slicer

What if your Dad already makes his own Biltong? Well we have you covered there as well with our stunning Biltong Slicer. Not only does it come with a super sharpen knife that attaches to the mounting block but also has a Knife Sharper attached as well to keep the blade super sharp at all times. We have even added a stunning spanner to make removing the knife just as easy as it is to use. Its the perfect addition to any Biltong makers kit. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

3 - Pro Biltong Slicer

Want your Dad to go to the next level when slicing his Biltong? Well here you have it "The Pro Biltong Cutter". A solid wood base hides a magnetic plate that can be removed that then attaches to the side of the Slicer to catch what you have cut. The base is slightly rounded to allow your Biltong to fall to the very best place to slice every time. Its built to be fully self sharpening so every slice is a breeze. The final touch of a rotating gliding motions when operated really does make this next level Biltong slicing. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

4 - Simple Biltong Making Kit.

One of very best sellers every year a simple kit that allows your Dad to make his very own Biltong with out the need for any extra Kit.

Comes with everything you need to Spice, Vinegar, Marinate and hang your own Biltong in the Oven. Yes its not the traditional way of Making Biltong but it really does give some stunning Results for the first time Biltong maker. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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