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Want to make your own Biltong?

For a long while now we have been looking at the idea of offering the right equipment to allow you to make your own Biltong and at long last we have it made it possible.

We have now on offer a custom built Biltong dryer that has been designed by us for you to make the perfect Biltong every time. 

During the design process we have looked at every part of the dryer and what materials we need to using to ensure that everything works as it should. Testing has been rigorous to say the least from the use of different heat sources to distance from the fan the meat needs to be to the perfect meat length to ensure you get an even finish to each batch you make with a air flow rate of 76 cu/ft per min. The is fan powered by a reliable, shaded pole motor. The injection moulded, non-flammable black thermoplastic impeller is housed within a die cast aluminium frame, which is painted black to resist moisture and corrosion. Its not been a simple process such as simply adding a fan and Bulb in a plastic tub and hoping for the best far from it.

The aim was to build a fully functioning dryer that's in effect a vastly scaled down version of one of our drying rooms. So the idea was simple enough but creating a product that worked as it should and at the same time been cost effective, hygienic and easy to store has been a bit of a challenge but we have final got there.

Made using 3mm thick impact resistance panels they are easy to put together add to that rigid corner struts especially designed by us. This gives the whole dryer superior strength and durability. The back white panel is crafted from 3mm Correx allowing the light to be reflected back over your Biltong so you can show off your current batch in the perfect light.

Majke my own Biltong / How to make a Biltong Dryer / Handmade

Our Classic Biltong dryers are built to allow you craft your very own biltong at home. Its designed to allow you to hang long strips of meat and maximise the amount of meat you can use in it.

All the material used are wipeable with simple soapy water ensuring that any drips or splashes you may encountered are easily removed ready for use next time. Once you have finished using your dryer its also been designed to a size that allows easy storage, so no cumbersome boxes hanging around.

Its been designed to look as good as it makes Biltong. Finished in our traditional  Black and white theme with added Chrome air vents and metal hanging rods its at home in lounge as it is in the kitchen.

With just the right amount of heat and airflow from the bulb and fan its the the perfect way to make your very own Biltong. Add to that our selection of Biltong spices we really do have you covered. All handmade by us in the UK.


We are extremely proud of our Biltong Dryers. Manufactured with Superior materials and sourcing as many of the components as we can from the UK we are backing British Business as well.  We use top grade components to bring you quality product that we know you will be delighted with.

Add to that now you add your very own Biltong Hand slicer to your collection as well. These have been carefully selected to offer the best in not just practicality but style as well. With a detachable blade for easy cleaning we even include a small wrench to help you take it off and on. Then with a added knife sharpener as well it really is the perfect way to slice your own home made biltong. Once again we really have thought of everything.

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