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The Ultimate Biltong Make Kit for any Dad.

Is your Dad wanting to start making  his very own Biltong at home?

Well now he can in style. We have put together the very best in Home Biltong Making Equipment and put it altogether in one truly amazing bundle just in time for Fathers day.

You can even get a Pro Biltong Slicer added to the Dryer for just an extra £10 (Normally £49.99)

To start with you get a Biltong dryer that looks as good as it works. With a modern sleek design its truly light weight yet sturdy not cumbersome in anyway, its looks at home in the lounge as the Kitchen as some say. Finished in our signature Black and White styling with twist of chrome and sleek clear perplex its lets you see just how your biltong is doing without the need to open doors or lids making sure the drying conditions are kept just right the whole time. Able yo hold up to 3kg of meat (Depending on your meat cut) and will result in it turning out 1.5kg of Biltong at any pone time. Designed to be easy to maintain and clean its incredibly hygienic from top to bottom. All designed and built by us right here in the UK. 

Add to that a simple kit that comes with everything you need to get him making his very own Biltong. This includes Spices, Vinegar, Gloves, marinade bags and even hooks to hang your meat. It really is the very best way to get him making Biltong.

Once his Biltong is ready he will need a state of the art slicer to cut it to his preferred thickness.  Based on an anti-bacterial Bamboo chopping board, our biltong cutters are designed with quality in mind. Loaded with a removable stainless steel cutting blade, complete with an ergonomic rubberized handle for ease of use. Included is a Tungsten-Carbide knife sharpener to let you revitalize your knife whenever you feel the need. You can slice the biltong as thin or as thick as you like. Finally there is a neat compartment that houses a compact spanner included for easy blade fitting and removing so you don't need to go hunting when you want to sharpen or clean the blade. 

Add to all of this the knowledge you have the back up and support of one of the Webs biggest Independent Companies you know you really are in great hands. 

Order now CLICK HERE

All in all everything you need to get your Dad making his very own Biltong in no time.

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