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Where is the Capital of Biltong?

Just for fun really but we heard this question on the Radio the other day and were amazed that it was as well know as it should be and the contestant got it wrong and they were raging to say the least as it cost them the a place in the final. So here you go.

The Republic of South Africa does not have a single capital city. Instead, it is one of a few countries in the world that divides its governmental powers among three of its major cities: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein. Unlike us here the UK having just London as our Capital.

The Many Capitals of South Africa

South Africa's three capital cities are strategically placed throughout the country, each hosting a separate segment of the nation's government. When asked about a single capital, most people would tend to suggest that Pretoria holds the title.

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  • Located in the province of Gauteng, Pretoria is in the northeast part of South Africa and near the city of the beautiful City that is Johannesburg.
  • Cape Town is the legislative capital. It is home to the country's legislative parliament, including the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces. Found on the south west coast if SA it boasts some of the most beautiful Ocean views you can find.
  • Located in the southwest corner of South Africa in the province of Western Cape, Cape Town is the second-largest city in population.
  • Bloemfontein is considered the judicial capital. It is home to the Supreme Court of Appeal, the second-highest court in South Africa. The Constitutional Court is located in Johannesburg.

Now that's not something you ever thought you would need to look up on a Biltong Web site.

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